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Taking care of your Damon® Braces

Benito Benitez - Thursday, June 11, 2015

At Dallas Orthodontics, our office is a proud user of the Damon® system of braces. These braces are a unique in that they don’t require colors to hold the wires in. These types of braces are called self-ligating braces and there is a gate that opens and closes to hold the wires in. Since there are no colors to tightly hold in the wires, these braces apply a gentler, constant pattern of pressure to your teeth. This in turn can move your teeth quicker than traditional braces can since the pressure of the colors isn’t present.

The design of the Damon® braces also helps to reduce the buildup of food particles and debris that can tend to get lodged in the brackets of traditional metal braces. Since colors aren’t required for the braces, the corners are rounded which prevents trapping of food. Thus, cleaning the Damon® braces is easier because your cleaning job is simpler with less food trapping.

Once you get your Damon® braces on, we will always make a recommendation on the foods to eat in the next few days. The most important thing to remember is that you need to eat soft foods and non-chewy foods for a few days after you get your Damon® braces on. It will be difficult to chew at first since your teeth will be moving, therefore, chew slowly and deliberately.

As you started getting used to eating with the braces, gradually add in foods that require more chewing such as burgers, steaks, sandwiches, etc. Just remember that very chewy/sticky foods, like taffy, Swedish fish, caramels, etc., are something that you will want to avoid in general. Also avoid very hard foods that can break braces off of your teeth if you crunch on them like jawbreakers, hard candies, lollipops, unpopped popcorn kernals, crusty bread, nuts, ice, etc. Remember, when you break braces off because of eating hard/sticky foods, it can increase the amount of time you spend in braces!

If you have any questions about the Damon® system of braces and how they can help you, please feel free to call or email our office anytime!

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